At Homeopathy for Living our mission is to provide you with an informative first-aid homeopathy course, taught by qualified and highly experienced teachers, which will equip you for the start of your homeopathic journey.

Homeopathy for Living was brought into being with the aid of a charitable donation, thanks to which we were able to set up this website and plan our courses. Our aims are to provide affordable homeopathy courses for families and others who are interested in approaching their health care from a more holistic perspective. Our short 12-hour courses cover the basics of homeopathic first-aid and give you the tools to turn your family’s approach to health around.

All of our teachers are qualified, experienced and insured practitioners who have raised their families using mainly homeopathy. Once you have gained a certain level of proficiency and confidence in self-prescribing it is possible to reduce your dependence on antibiotics, steroids and other allopathic medicines which may have side-effects.

Choosing homeopathy doesn’t have to mean turning your back on allopathy! If you don’t find the gentler approach of homeopathy fast enough for a particular problem, you can go to the doctor. However, you may well find that increasingly you are able to trust homeopathy to help with your everyday health problems. In an ideal world we’d like to see a homeopathic home-prescribing kit in every household!!