Zoë Scanlan

Zoë Scanlan (SDS Hom) has been working as Homeopath supporting families since 2010. She is fully licenced and registered with Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH).

Zoë Scanlan (SDS Hom) has been working as Homeopath, supporting families and children since 2010.

Having raised her boys naturally, using just homeopathy and natural remedies, she now enjoys educating and empowering parents to do the same – supporting them to feel equipped and confident to care for the health of their children themselves. She does this through individual consultations, online courses and her well loved book: ‘Homeopathy & Natural Remedies for Children’, that she compiled through her Homeopathy training and mothering years.

Booklet: Homeopathy & Natural Remedies for Children

This booklet is aim at parents (or anyone) wanting to learn how (and why) to bring Homeopathy into their everyday life. All you need is a short introductory course, a simple book / reference guide and a selection of Homeopathic remedies to get started.

“I first discovered Homeopathy when my oldest (now 17 yrs) was 10 weeks old. Three tiny Homeopathic pillules cured his patch of nasty looking impetigo in 24 hours, and I have been hooked ever since! I believe all mothers would benefit by knowing how to use homeopathy and understanding what Homeopathy can do for themselves and their family. I wonder now how I would have managed without having my homeopathic remedies by me side!” (Zoe Scanlan, 2023)

Zoe has been involved in supporting parents care for their families health naturally though her work but also by her involvement in the Sussex Arnica group – which offers a space (now mainly online) for parents to discuss and learn about natural parenting and immunity.

She lives and works Brighton UK, and sees clients online, from her clinic in Westdene Brighton, and from the Tree of Life clinic in Hove.

For more information visit: www.zoescanlan.com or follow her on facebook and instagram.